All of these places are within 5 miles of the studio.  Eventually there will be a map to accompany this list.  But for now...


Garden Fresh
460 Ramona Street
Vegan Chinese.  This is a wonderful place to eat.  Lots of great stuff. 
Try the Black Pepper Chicken and say "Hi" to Alice.

Curry Up Now
321 Hamilton AvenueIndian street food.  
Curry burritos, samosa burgers, etc.  You won't be disappointed.

Patxi's Chicago Pizza
441 Emerson Street
This place makes a vegan deep dish pizza (with Daiya cheese) that will make you cuss like a sailor.  So good!

Oren's Hummus Shop
261 University Avenue
Traditional Israeli Humus (Vegan options).

Three Seasons (Banh Mi Cart)
518 Bryant St.
During the day there is a cart out front.  Go there.

Lyfe Kitchen
167 Hamilton Avenue
New place.  Pretty good.  Lots of vegan options

168 University Avenue
Salads and Sandwiches.  The salads are good.  Lots of options.  Never had a sandwich.

482 University Avenue
Salads and Sandwiches.  The salads are good here, too.  They also make a killer grilled portobello mushroom sandwich.  Don't forget the garlic fries!

129 Lytton Avenue
Indian (lots of vegan options).  Pretty standard Indian restaurant.  They even have a vegan naan substitute.  I haven't had a bad dish yet.

440 University Avenue
Ice Cream + Cookies = Sandwiches you'll be glad you stopped for.  However, it is NOT worth that ridiculous line that often accumulates. 

644 Emerson Street
Frozen yogurt (soy option).  Natural and kind of healthy.  Also, kind of pricey, but good.

Whole Foods
774 Emerson Street
Groceries.  Small, but plentiful.  Good smoothies, too. 


La Cazuela
2930 Clarke Ave.
Taqueria.  Very good.

1189 Wilow Road
Jamaican goodness.  Jerk tofu, rice and beans, fried plantains, etc.
Ravenswood 101 Shopping center
(near 101 and University -- across from Ikea)

Jamba Juice


Mi Pueblo
Grocery store and Taqueria.  Good, cheap produce.     


Taco Bell
If you still feel like being on tour.