Dec 31, 2011

Welcome to the new Blog!

Hey Now!
So, its the last year of our lives; Let’s get pumped!
There have been tons of changes down here at the studio.
Lots of new equipment and massive updates to the website.

Website updates include:

  • New Audio samples up for streaming and download.
  • Updated Discography and Artist pages.
  • Updated Equipment and Food pages.
  • New Tumblr blog linked to the website (this page).
  • Archived news can be viewed on the Old News page.
  • New photos coming soon!

I’m really excited about all of the equipment changes, and I’ve
already noticed a significant improvement in the sound of my
recordings. There’s essentially been a total overhaul. The idea
was higher quality, a simpler, more cohesive design, and a more
ergonomic layout.  If you want to talk shop, or get more info feel
free to Contact me.

Improvements include:

  • New mic pre amps, equalizers, and compressors.
  • New summing mixers and mastering-grade monitors.
  • Custom-built mastering-style console/desk.
  • Gigantic live room (for select projects)

Stay tuned for more frequent updates, blog posts, etc.
Hope to see you guys some time in the next year!