Jan 9, 2012

Good Press for AG Bands in 2011

Hey Now!
Congratulations to all of the good friends who got so much
good press in 2011.  I feel proud and privileged to have
been a part of making these records.  Thank you all for
including me.  Let’s keep rockin’ it in 2012.  Here are some
bands from last year to check out…

This one-man, black metal outfit released it’s first album
(a double CD, totaling 40 tracks!!!) in 2011, and got a great
write-up in NPR (among other metal magazines and websites).
Dulcimer-fronted black metal…  Get stoked.   

Another SF black metal debut, released on Deathwish Inc,
made it to NPR’s “Best Metal Albums of 2011” list.  There was
a crazy amount of press for this band last year.  The record
kills.  Check it out.

Yet another SF black metal band?  Yup!  Their third album made
it to number one on the Forbes “Best Free Albums of 2011” list.
I really enjoyed recording this album.  This “mad-scientist” pair of 
brothers never ceases to amaze me.

The fourth release from SF’s progressive metal trio got all kinds
of great press.  This record is epic.  And the people involved are
amazingly talented musicians.  Check out their Metal Sucks interview.

Dominant Legs
The song “Hoop of Love” made it to NME Magazine’s “Best Pop
Songs of 2011” list.  The record is called “Invitation."  Get it.  Dance
to it.  You’ll be glad you did.

Beau Navire
This band is another killer combo of great people and great music.
Their LP "Hours” made it the Hearwax “Best of 2011” list.