Feb 28, 2012

Analog Sampling

Ok, so it’s more like analog sound replacement, or re-amping, but
that doesn’t sound as cool. 

Recently, I had a song sent to me for mixing.  After reviewing the
first mix, the band wasn’t happy with the snare sound.  They had
used a busted snare that was all “pop” and no “rattle."  What to do?

I had read about this technique for years, but never really had a
good reason to try it… until now.  

Here’s how it works: The original snare track is sent out of a speaker.
A snare drum is placed in front of the speaker.  A microphone is
placed in front of the new snare.  Then, when the original track is
played back, it triggers the new snare and produces the rattle we
were looking for.

After blending the original snare track with the new snare track, the
whole thing felt much more balanced.  Good Times.  

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