Jul 23, 2012

Analog Keys

I am very happy to welcome the newest member of The Atomic Garden
gear family.  It is a Kawai Upright Piano (pictured here getting its first

Its predecessor was a 110 year old pile that was nearly impossible to
tune and became more of a visual piece than anything worth listening to. 

The new piano sounds fantastic!  After playing many similar models I
finally found something that had the “rock and roll” sound that I was
looking for.  It is very bright and lively.  Perfect for the kind of use a piano
gets around here. 

Another recent addition to the studio live room is a beautiful 1961
Hammond M3 Organ.  All kinds of tone pouring out of this thing.  You’ve
got to oil and crank it like an old clock and its got a built in tube amp and
speaker.  Good times.

The piano and organ have made it on to several recordings since their
recent arrivals.  Meanwhile, there has been a keyboard sitting in the
corner and collecting dust for over six years.  People seem to be inspired
by the real thing. 

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