Jul 3, 2011

A River Runs Through It...

A River Runs Through It...

Q:  What's more odd than the sky pouring down crazy rain for hours in June?
A:  Not having a roof during said unexpected rain.

That's right!!  The roof on our warehouse was being replaced on Tuesday.  And about 5 hours after demolition started, it rained (hard and long).  The whole warehouse got drenched, and the studio soaked up a lot of water, but thankfully/hopefully, no equipment was damaged.  I just lost some reels of tape and some records.  I'm also pretty much shut down for a couple weeks.  Bummers all around.

A big shout out to my new buddies from Servpro who swooped in like angels and saved the day.  I was not aware that such a service existed before this, but man, what a crazy-good job these people do.  Above you can see them ripping the floor out of my live room and removing all of the soaked insulation.  Lots more insulation got tossed (the whole ceiling), and some drywall was removed.  They also brought in a LOT of industrial drying and de-humidification equipment.  Super cool.

Anyway, stay tuned.  Along with this reconstruction there will be a re-designed control room comin' at ya real soon.  Laters.